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Hungry For Success – I’m back with another motivational Vlog for you all! If you haven’t checked out last week’s Vlog then what are you playing at? You get to see me on the road doing what I do best, providing you all with a better insight into what I do. With that said; time to focus on this week’s motivational Vlog, check it out below and I will dive a little more into the principle ‘Hungry For Success’:

There you have it; you watched me travel from Bristol to Gloucester to pick up Jon, then we travelled all the way to Jack Hunt School in Peterborough on behalf of ‘Take Your Place‘ to inspire the Year 11s. We ran a motivational workshop with a selected group; then we ran two motivational assemblies.

As we described in the video; I spoke a large amount about Jon, my colleague who comes with me. Jon is currently learning the processes and business side behind what we do. He is doing that off of his own back; there is only a small amount of time he can dedicate to this movement at the minute, but he is still trying to learn at every opportunity he can.

For example in the video he has already worked 90 hours in the last 6 – 7 days; when I picked him up he just finished a 12 hour night shift and when I dropped him back he had 30 minutes to get ready for another 12 hour night shift. Even though I don’t recommend not sleeping and getting the required rest your body needs; it just goes to show the level of hunger he has to better himself. He also has a passion for helping others and sharing a positive message.

I want to ask you now: are you willing to do what it takes to become successful? Sometimes we need to make sacrifices for our bigger dreams, sometimes we have to do stuff we hate doing and sometimes we have to keep moving forward even when we are tired, bored or hungry!

I will leave that thought there for you. Be sure to follow me on social media for daily motivation and for bookings email me personally on:

Hungry For Success - Motivational Speaker

Hungry For Success

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