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Schools Drop Down Day with the Dreams 2 Reality Team – You are back for another blog, so welcome. Cameron Parker is not only a world class speaker and a coach for teenager. He is also the founder and CEO of Dreams 2 Reality. Dreams 2 Reality prides themselves on developing and training new coaches and speakers to help impact even more schools.

Before we begin and explain what happened on this motivational day, watch the video below:

The ‘Impact Day’ was delivered at Ravensbourne School in London. Dreams 2 Reality assembled a team of 5 brilliant speakers who specialise in some of the key areas to make teenagers successful.  Here are the 5 topics covered on the day:

  • Stress 2 Success
  • Capturing a Competitive Advantage
  • Growth Mindset
  • Goal Setting & Standards
  • Resilience

Cameron and the Dreams 2 Reality team can also deliver a wide range of different topics to impact your school community. Here’s what Headteacher Mark Ridley said about the ‘Impact Day’:

“It’ been a great day, really helped focus our students and prepare them for year 11.”

Here are some key comments from the students:

“I  enjoyed this day. I am already working hard, and I know what I want to do but this day has helped me connect school to my future.”

“The best day I have had in school, loved all the workshops”

“Didn’t expect that, thank you for coming.”

“Feeling motivated with revision and I am now feeling better about coping with my anxiety”

This is only a short and sharp blog to share the amazing work we are delivering in schools across the UK. Cameron is passionate about inspiring as many teenagers as he can. That is why Cameron has teamed up with other world class speakers to supports that mission. However, we are not just about providing the inspiration. We deliver the tools, resources and strategies for teenagers to take action.

Here is a great way to explain it. Other motivational speakers will tell you to “Believe in Yourself”. That is great, but we show teenagers how they can believe in themselves. Action wins. Food for thought.

See you on the next blog, and if you would like to book Cameron Parker or his Dreams 2 Reality team then email us at

Schools Drop Down Day with the Dreams 2 Reality Team and Cameron ParkerSchools Drop Down Day with the Dreams 2 Reality Team

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