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Power of Positive Language – Welcome to another motivational blog. This term has been exceptionally busy for me, as I’ve been inspiring countless teenagers across the UK through motivational speeches and through our Power Programme. Enough about that, time to add some value.

As a motivational and mindset coach, I often encounter the stereotypical expectation that I must have constant positivity. However, the truth is, I don’t always fit that stereotype and I ensure there is more depth to ‘Dreams 2 Reality’. I believe in finding a middle ground when it comes to positive and negative thoughts.

I really dislike when people say, “STOP thinking negative”.

Asking someone not to think negatively is impractical and not realistic. We all have moments of negative thoughts, and it’s not always a bad thing. It’s a natural part of being human. My point is that we should strive for balance, embracing both positive and negative thoughts as a normal part of our thought patterns.

I explain more in this video:

So, there you have it. After watching the video, I hope you now understand better why finding a balance in positive self-talk is so essential. How can we expect to reach our goals and dreams if we’re constantly dragging ourselves through the mud every day?

When we’re extremely hard on ourselves, those beliefs can create a gap between the mindset necessary for success and where we currently are. As I mentioned in the video, it’s crucial to remember that our language influences our beliefs, our beliefs Impact our actions, and our actions, in turn, determine our outcomes.

Do you tend to be overly self-critical?

In our workshops, we have this activity we call ‘I am…’ where we ask participants to write down 5 ‘I am…’ statements and ask them to finish the sentences. Interestingly, many people tend to respond with answers that lean towards the negative side or, at the very least, might be seen as less positive. What’s even more intriguing is that they often end up listing more than just 5, and they can do it very quickly.

That is why we then ask them to do the opposite. We tell them they can only finish the sentence with sharing something positive about themselves. Many will struggle, but we don’t move on until the 5 sentences are completed.

We believe many people struggle for different reasons; however, most are just not use to saying nice things about themselves. Remember, nothing is necessarily wrong with being negative, we just need to be balanced. Think back to what I said in the video and this blog already:

Our beliefs shape our behaviour, and our behaviour will create our outcomes in life.

Here are the most common 5 answers we receive:

I am hard working.

I am caring.

I am a good son or daughter.

I am trying my best.

I am loyal.

This isn’t a breakthrough idea, but I am asking you to watch your language because it does make a different and will have an impact over time.

I would love to learn about your experiences. Send me your thoughts on Instagram at CamParkerD2R. Please share and comment but until then, stay focused.

Power of Positive Language

Power of Positive Language

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