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Keynote Speaker for Adults Awards Day – This is what happened in short:

“Cameron can you be a keynote speaker at our awards and deliver a 20-minute talk?”


“The session needs to have humour, but we also need impact, will that be okay?”

“Yes, see you there”

Because of the high-end programmes Cameron delivers, he has weeks of content available in his toolbox. Therefore, he had to break down his content and create something specific for the Lifetime Learner Achievements Awards.

There’s no point me telling you how amazing the event was. Here are some messages from people who attended:

“Cameron hosted a session at a recent awards event we ran. He had almost impossibly short time slot and yet not only did his humour and engaging style connect quickly with the audience, but he also delivered an impactful message to take away.

I’ve already taken that into my team meeting and asked them to share more widely with their teams. It was thoroughly engaging presentation and I can only imagine what he could achieve in a longer talk.”

“Feedback on your speech was incredible, specifically the energy and passion behind your beliefs.”

“Cameron delivered a funny and motivating speech at the Lifetime Learner Achievements awards last week. Had a chance to catch up with after and he’s a great guy. Would highly recommend.”

The response was great. From the messages it looks like Cameron delivered exactly what was required on the day. Here are a few words from Cameron about the event:

“I loved every minute of the Lifetime Learner Achievements Awards. I was there to inspire, and the truth is the people who attended inspired me. Incredible people, brilliant culture with a big focus to help others. Thank you to everyone who sent messages and thank you to everyone who came up to me after to talk. This is the start of a great relationship, see you all soon.”

If you would like to book Cameron to deliver a staff training day, awards evening or host an event then email me at

Keynote Speaker for Adults Awards Day with Cameron ParkerKeynote Speaker for Adults Awards Day

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