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Revision Books Don’t Work – I’m not sure if you are similar to me, but just reading out of a revision book doesn’t really work. Even if I am trying to take my own notes, it just doesn’t sink in completely. Therefore in the motivational video below I provide you with an idea that will help you in your revision, so check that out now:

There you have it, does it make it sense? My challenge for you is to find someone who has a better understanding of the topic than you do. Okay this can be a difficult task and it is easy for me to say. So if you are sat there thinking…

Where do I find this person?

The best place, in my opinion, is after school revision club, I understand that is probably not what you want to hear but it is in after school clubs where you will find some amazing support. The majority of the revision clubs will have the teacher there ready to help you, plus the other students in your year who attend these clubs are the students who are serious about their future.

Get around these people, WHY?

Because this is the time to become inquisitive, time to ask questions, time to have discussions, because talking about it will support you in getting a more in-depth understanding of that particular subject. Especially if you are doing it with someone who has a better understanding than you!

But don’t go into these discussions with absolutely no idea, do a little revision first, maybe what I said at the beginning of this video, even become more inquisitive in class when learning the stuff to begin with – ask questions.

The plan should be to gain your own understanding of the different parts in a topic, then go to the after school clubs and start a discussion and take notes.  You will probably remember the information more this way; it can be easier to process information through a conversation than by just reading words. DO BOTH and even if you are comfortable with your revision, this is still a good idea. Helping someone out aides your own level of understanding in that topic, so this is a great revision hack to implement.

Remember: you can’t have excuses and results at the same time; it’s one or the other? You choose. Start NOW!

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Revision Books Don't Work

Revision Books Don’t Work – Exam Motivation (video)

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