Character Building Motivational Video – Have you ever taken time out of your schedule to question how you can build your character into something you desire to be? Well, good news, there are day-to-day ideas and tips you can start implementing into your everyday life which will ultimately result in true character building and REAL success. In the video below I use ‘going to the gym’ as the key reference to character building and how it is applicable to everyday life:

I hope you enjoyed the short motivational video above, now I want to delve into the topic of character building in more depth. It is important to be aware that building your character is not waking up and being a completely different person to yesterday. The process takes time; if you want to become a different person and grow your character then you need to take small steps on a daily basis.

We have all had those days where we are tired and feel exhausted; maybe because of work, or the fact your rest/recovery routine is not the greatest. These are the times we want to slip back into our comfort zones and relax, but sometimes pushing a little harder can result in character building.

Pushing yourself mentally and physically – when you don’t feel like it – says a huge amount about you as an individual, the majority quit at this stage, but you are not the majority.

So the lesson is fairly simple – work hard even when you don’t feel like it.

Now imagine taking this new-found trait to school or the work place. Pushing a little harder with the work you are doing, staying a little longer to finish extra work, and taking on more roles to better yourself and your position. The possibilities are endless.

Therefore we must find ways to build good habits and apply them to our everyday lives. What I want you to take away from this blog is that the whole message is deeper then just ‘going to the gym’. The bigger message is about pushing harder and going that extra mile to better yourself and your chances in the future.

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Character Building Motivational Video

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