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No Shortcuts In Revision – I mentioned in last week’s motivational video how I made sure I ‘out-worked’ everyone, but in all honesty that didn’t happen overnight. Before I get into the written side of the series, it is essential you watch the new ‘Exam Motivational Video’ below:

I pride myself on honesty and keeping it 100% real. Therefore it is true that in my first year of University my work rate was poor, my mentality was ‘I could do minimal work and still pass – not only pass but do well!’

In theory this mentality was never going to work and it certainly wasn’t going to result in success. I believed I was the exception; so yes this mentality resulted in me not doing any work (until the last 24 hours of the exam or coursework submission deadline). I would do all-nighters in the library and submit my coursework minutes before the deadline. Surprise, surprise, I actually performed terribly, no, horribly! Resulting in re-sits and re-submissions, so I had to basically do it all over again.

I can tell you something, it dragged, it was a nightmare and I wish I just did it properly the first time. I rapidly learned there are no shortcuts in revision, or work in general. When I discovered that everything changed and I managed to take my personal learning and education to the next level.

So I want to ask you a question: in what topics are you looking for shortcuts? Yes there are strategy you can apply that will make things easier but these aren’t shortcuts, stop looking for them they are not there, the time you spend looking for shortcuts is the time you could be putting into your revision.

If you want to do well, then it does take time and serious investment of your energy. You don’t need to go through what I did; you can avoid these similar situations. So I want to ask you: how badly do you want it?

No shortcuts and remember you can’t have excuses and results at the same time; it’s one or the other! You choose. Start NOW.

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No Shortcuts In Revision

No Shortcuts In Revision

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