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I Hate Revising At Home – I hear ‘I hate revising at home’ all the time and the truth is the majority of people struggle to produce quality work when working from the sofa. So why is this? One simple answer: distractions! Yes, distractions, there are too many distractions at home: TV, phone, lap top, parents, your bed and the list can go on! Before I continue with this blog you first must watch the video below:

There you have it; if you are sat there thinking ‘I hate revising at home’ then the best solution was in the last motivational video. If you didn’t quite catch the point I was trying to make then let me break it down for you.

The solution for your ‘I hate revising at home’ problem is simple, do as much work as you can away from home and the most obvious place for you to learn is school. School is the best learning environment, therefore use school to your advantage. We don’t have long left until your exams start so see if you can go to school a little earlier, work at lunch times and even after-school revision clubs.

YES I spoke about after school revision clubs last week but it is true! The majority of schools offer so many opportunities to work in their environment therefore grab that opportunity with both hands and use it. Your personal challenge is just getting there, if you do this, your knowledge and confidence for the exams will grow – it is not too late for this to happen.

I know it may not seem like the best thing to do, staying in school longer than you need to. It needs to be done, time is running out, force yourself to get there. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to do work at home, you do, but it does mean the more time you spend in school the less time you need to sacrifice at home, it will be easier…so put yourself in that learning environment NOW and conquer that ‘I hate revising at home’ mentality.

Remember you can’t have excuses and results at the same time; it’s one or the other? You choose. Start NOW!

I Hate Revising At Home

I Hate Revising At Home


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