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You are probably thinking what????????? Cameron has always said follow your heart and pursue your passion. He has either gone crazy or lied to us…well I haven’t done either, I especially hope I haven’t gone crazy anyways.

The truth is, I do say, “pursue your passion”, I’ve shared that message with tens of thousands of people around the UK, and guess what? I still believe you need to do it.

I’m going to be more specific here and discuss pursuing a ‘career’ you are passionate about. Something your heart is screaming for you to follow or you may not have of discovered what you really want to do yet…this is also fine, don’t worry or stress about it.

However when you pursue your passion I think you need to ask yourself 2 simple questions:

Is this passion something you do to escape reality? 

Can you imagine yourself doing it every day for the rest of your life?

These 2 questions are crucial as they both play hand in hand. I would be lying to you if I told you life is not a roller-coaster, filled with many ups and downs. The pressures of society, parents, and even the stresses we put on ourselves can occasionally be too much.

The majority of us have a passion we engage in to escape reality, maybe it is the gym, computer games, golf, rock climbing, gardening, music, train watching, dancing, swimming, cars…you get my point.

But once we participate in our passions we automatically feel happy, in our zone, not thinking about anything else apart from the activity we are currently engaged in. Once you’ve finished you feel refreshed and ready to attack the next challenge life throws at you. This passion has helped you escape reality and helped you forget about all your problems for the time being.

That sounds great right? But can you really imagine yourself doing that everyday for the rest of your life? Once it becomes a job and other elements are involved, your passion can become less fun, resulting in stress and demotivation. There are going to be aspects of your job you don’t like doing, that is why, if your passion is just there to escape reality, then I wouldn’t pursue it as a career.

However if you can imagine yourself sticking with it, through the best and the difficult times then pursue your passion. There needs to be an understanding that obstacles will appear and you will face challenges, but when you have found your purpose and true passion you will do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles and find success.

I can and eventually will go into more detail about this topic, but I don’t want to give too much away straightaway haha. Any questions then shoot me an email at

P.S. Watch me in action here –

Motivational speaker Cameron - don't pursue your passionDon’t Pursue Your Passion

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