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London Motivational Speaker – Newhaven gardens school was searching for a motivational speaker in London; but instead they decided to take a risk on employing me. As most of you know I travel all around the UK, motivating many schools and colleges, so this opportunity was no different.

I am confident I add value, providing solutions to schools; the feedback I regularly receive is proof of that statement. However, there is only so much you can offer within an hour. Therefore I prefer to create relationships with schools, resulting in me visiting two or three times a year to ensure my message, motivation and strategies benefits the students.

Newhaven gardens is a pupil referral unit; I was informed many of the students have low aspirations, being heavily influenced from distractions outside of school, there are some students who are a part of gangs and drugs.

School speaker Cameron Parker - Inspring school after they were searching for London Motivational Speaker - Pupil Referral Unit

However the students still want to complete their GCSEs; the school is trying their best to motivate the students to succeed.

Therefore they needed a motivational speaker who would provide the students with inspiration; whilst sharing a powerful message, which is tailored towards not giving up, with a focus on never stop striving, especially after the students complete school.

My story is very similar to many of these individuals who were listening to my motivational talk. My approach was real and honest; after the first couple sentences the students were engaged immediately, which came at a surprise to the teachers. I touched on my story; the struggles I have encountered and the successes I have experienced. I provided them with ideas and strategies that can benefit their lives, not only within school but also within life outside of school. The motivational talk went on for about 40 minutes and we had about 5 minute Q&A, the students asked some great questions, specific to their own personal lives.

I’m excited for the future and I really want to do more work within pupil referral units, if you want to book me for your school then shoot me an email at Look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. – Check out my raising aspirations video below

London Motivational Speaker – Pupil Referral Unit

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