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Gloucester Motivational Speaker – On March the 2nd I had the pleasure to inspire a group of year 10s at the new south Gloucestershire & Stroud College in Berkeley. I am technically a Gloucester motivational speaker; as I was born there, however I am currently operating out of Bristol. Before I begin to discuss the success of the ‘GROWS’ event I inspired at, watch me in action in the videos below.Uk Gloucester Motivational Speaker

‘GROWS’ slogan is encouraging higher aspirations. Raising aspirations is everything I believe in. I work with a wide range of students across the UK, and low aspirations are a serious problem and challenge I continue to face. Here is a testimonial I received from SGS Head Of School Engagement John Walker:

“I have heard Cameron speak to varied audiences a number of times and subsequently hired him to give inspirational talks to large groups of 14 and 17 year olds, on making the most of life opportunities and starting your own business. Cameron is a very personable young man with a compelling story that he uses to draw out life principles with his audiences. He displays passion and confidence in his authentic message and has a unique ability to speak at the level of young audiences, who seem to listen to his every word and come away impressed that they can change too. I will be using his talents again.”

Gloucester Motivational SpeakerBeing a Gloucester motivational speaker was unheard of; it is something that didn’t exist when I was younger, I wish I had someone who visited my school to inspire us and share the reality of life. I still have a very long way to go to achieve my dream, and there are many schools to visit to leave a lasting impact on. However I understand success is a journey and my mission to inspire people will never end, and if I can motivate others to do a similar thing then I have done my job.

I am confident I can make a difference within your school; shoot me an email for bookings Look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. – Follow the link to hear more about the success of the event, written by SGS college —>

Gloucester Motivational Speaker

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