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Power of Parents – There is one subject that always arises in my motivational speeches or workshops, for better or for worse the topic of ‘parents’ always come up in conversation with the students.

Through my experience of working with thousands of students, communicating with parents at events such as award evenings and teacher meetings, it is apparent parents are one of the biggest driving forces for any student body. When I mean driving forces, I essentially mean influences, but of course there are always two sides to every story!

Positive or negative influence; sometimes it can be difficult to provide consistent knowledge and motivation to the students, especially when their parents may be contradicting what you are saying. Therefore when I receive many messages like this one;

“I’m a parent of a student from Outwood Brumby and she has talked non stop about the work you do, keep it up”

Also when I receive messages and tags, on platforms such as Facebook, from parents it really is a breath of fresh air, I love seeing the support they’re showing their children.

Of course every student’s situation is different; we – as people – have our own personal battles and struggles. But as leaders of the classroom it is okay to recognise the positives in situations and run with them, why not right? Every day we have an opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life: one of our students, colleagues, a parent and the list can really go on.

Therefore I want to take this moment and be 100% real with you, I want to remind you to keep up the amazing work, it is important and even if we help one person then it is a job well done.

2018 has started off very strongly for me; my focus is to keep this momentum going throughout this whole year, providing a large amount of impact and value in schools across the UK. Therefore if you would like me to inspire your students then please email me personally on: and I will be in touch.

Power of Parents

Power of Parents – Cameron Parker

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