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Old Head Young Shoulders – 10 years ago I was sat in my Old Headteacher’s office being disciplined…now the ‘Old Headteacher’ was sat in my office strategizing on our new project, crazy how things change right?

So you may be thinking what is the new project? Well before I get into that, I just want to say that I still can’t believe me and Peter Rowland (my Old Headteacher) have linked up after all this time.

I definitely couldn’t picture this happening; well to be fair I couldn’t even imagine me traveling the UK, inspiring thousands of students in schools and college. Things do change and that is the incredible thing about life.

Okay, okay I digress, I will touch on this in more detail in the podcast but now back to the project ‘Old Head, Young Shoulders’. Me and my ‘Old Headteacher’ Peter Rowland will be collaborating on a podcast, however it won’t just be audio, it will also be visual, so prepare for the videos my friend.

The podcast will be aimed to inspire, educate and motivate individuals in their lives. This won’t be specific for just one thing, for example for people just in education, instead the podcast will cover all areas, leaving no stone unturned.

Therefore I am extremely excited to get the ball rolling; I know this whole experience will be challenging, knowledgeable and very engaging. I’m excited to learn from my ‘Old Head’ and also provide a different opinion or ideas on specific topics.

If there any topics or questions you want us to cover then feel free to contact us, and we will answer it on the show. With that said I want to take this moment to thank everyone for supporting us on this mission and if you need to connect with me directly then follow me on social media or email me on

Old Head Young Shoulders

Old Head Young Shoulders – Cameron Parker

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