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Successful Exam Body Clock – There is no question; we all work best at different times, it is not really one size fits all, therefore what time do you study best? Morning, afternoon, evening maybe, one thing that shocked me talking to you guys on social media is how many of you study after 10pm at night. Before I get into the written side of the blog I want you to watch the exam motivational video below, listen and take action:

Thank you for watching the video, okay so just to recap everything that was mentioned in the video. If you are an individual who is working late at night then listen carefully. If that has worked for you until now, then okay, however as the exams are fast approaching I strongly consider you change that for two reasons:

If you are up working late then you are not getting enough rest or sleep for school the next morning.The exams you are taking will not be at 10pm at night!

We have to re-train our body clock, the good thing about this is you still have time and it can be done. 

For example: boxers. Professional boxers you see on TV fight many of their fights during the early hours of the morning, so months and weeks leading up to the fight they will start training in the early hours of the morning this way they will avoid the shock and fatigue and ensure they are mentally prepared.

 Consequently, we need to do something similar with your exams; the exams will be during school hours, so we need to ensure we are mentally on the ball during those hours. My advice would be to try and get used to this timing instead of being ‘knackered’ at school. Also with your own revision, do it as close to school hours as possible, you could easily have the work day wrapped up by 6pm, resulting in you having the rest of the evening to relax! Strongly consider this!

I will touch on sleep in a different video and remember you can’t have excuses and results at the same time, one or the other? You choose. Start NOW!

Successful Exam Body Clock

Successful Exam Body Clock – Cameron Parker

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