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Motivational Speech Westbourne Academy – To finish off the motivational speaking tour in Suffolk, I had the opportunity to run a motivational assembly for year 10 students at Westbourne Academy. For a Friday afternoon; the session couldn’t of went better, the enthusiasm and engagement from the students were second to none, and I really enjoyed my time at their academy.

Unfortunately the session was shorter than the other motivational sessions I ran in Suffolk schools, however the impact was still incredible. Below are some of the messages I received from Westbourne Academy students:

“You just made my day. You are an amazing person and never let anyone get you down”

“I think you are really good help and you try to push everyone the best they can be, and meet their goals and always be positive, also that you don’t have to always get everything right, you should come back, you are really good”

“Hi, you spoke at my school yesterday and I just wanted to thank you! It was so helpful and really pushed me and think what I’m really possible of doing, and stop compromising because of my own doubts.”

“Hey man, carry on what you’re doing, you inspired me to do better”

There you have it; the motivational speaking tour on behalf of the ‘Take Your Place‘ Suffolk University team came to an end, for now at least. However the 3 days went amazing and I loved every minute of it.Motivational Speech Westbourne Academy I do my job because I truly care and want to inspire as many people as I can, and I feel over the 3 days in Suffolk, we achieved that mission.

It doesn’t stop there; my diary is rapidly filling up leading up to the exams, therefore if you would like to see guaranteed impact and value in your school then email me personally on and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Until then, keep up the amazing work and don’t stop inspiring.

Motivational Speech Westbourne Academy

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