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Motivational Speaking Wales – Welcome back to my motivational blog; hope you are well and everything has been moving in the right direction for you. As you have probably seen via social media I have been extremely busy; traveling up and down the UK running motivational sessions in many schools and colleges.

It is an amazing feeling knowing that my dreams are slowly becoming a reality; I set out to inspire as many people as I possibly can across the UK, and my motivational word is finally spreading. Therefore I want to quickly discuss a recent experience I have had at a college in Wales. I had the opportunity to run motivational workshops throughout the day to students at Coleg Gwent in Newport.

The first time I visited Coleg Gwent was back in September; they wanted a motivational speaker to come in and inspire all of their students on the Newport Campus. The session went incredible; so they decided to invite me back for the motivational workshops.

What made the workshops unique; was the range in courses, numbers in each group and also the different age range of the students. Trying to grasp an understanding of how to approach the motivation sessions when everyone in the workshops is in different stages of their lives can sometimes be challenging.

However I have the ability to tailor my motivational service to the students needs to ensure the impact and value is there. All 5 sessions went really well; the engagement from the students was fantastic and they made my experience at Coleg Gwent a pleasant one.

There is already talks of me coming back to Newport to work with even more of their students, so I am really excited to make that happen. With that said if you are looking for guaranteed impact and value in your school or college then email me personally on and I will be in touch shortly.

Motivational Speaking Wales

Motivational Speaking Wales

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