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Motivational Speaking Impact 2 Years On – Before I begin; quick heads up, I haven’t had the chance to send this across to my editor. As the majority of you know I am blessed to have dyslexia, however if there are any mistakes, I am sorry but I just couldn’t wait, as I am really excited to show you this message I have recently received. Not because of what the message says, but more because of my motivational work still having an impact after 2 years. Anyways, before I continue, check out the message below:

“I would just like to say ever since I saw you at the Youth Summit for Wiltshire Council two years ago, I think you have been a real inspiration to me and because I’ve seen what you’ve done it’s made me voice my voice even more and join way more groups to help change young peoples lives”

Literally blown awaMotivational Speaking Impact 2 Years On - Cameron Parkery after reading this message; my focus has always been to provide as much impact and value as I possibly can; therefore I believe this student messages just proves my hard work is finally paying off.

I believe it is fairly easy to increase motivational levels; however the challenge is to not only increase motivational levels but also maintain it, especially when faced with obstacles and challenges. However motivation doesn’t last, and the way I define motivation is the “Energy To Do Something”, extremely simple definition there, however if we can gage a deeper understanding of why we want to achieve or do something then the whole process will become so much easier.

Essentially feeding the hunger in our belly to move forward and progress within our lives, and that is what I try to achieve within my motivational sessions. I am fairly vocal about the messages I receive from students after my motivational sessions; I literally have thousands of messages which is amazing, but it is still an honour to receive a message 2 years on.

I am fully aware I still have a very long way to go; but I feel we are on the right path and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. With that said, for bookings, email me personally at and I will get back to you ASAP.

Motivational Speaking Impact 2 Years On

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