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Incredible School Speaking – Welcome to the number #1 motivational website in the UK, and the world haha. Maybe not the world but surely I’m allowed to dream? Life is all about setting big goals and dreams, so I will strive for that and I know it will eventually happen. 😉

Anyways I digress; back to my busy week, inspiring schools across the UK. I had the opportunity to motivate over 800 students this week; in all honesty this is common, but I am extremely grateful to do what I do, and deliver impact and value across the UK.

Topics I touched on this week: raising aspirations, goal-setting, exams, stress & pressure and confidence etc. The topics ranged, depending on what year group I was inspiring and also the school brief was taken into consideration.

Here is why I titled this video – ‘Incredible School Speaking Week’.

I started the week in Leeds, inspiring year 11 from Crawshaw Academy. This is the third time I have seen these students; the topics I discussed has changed throughout the academic year, especially as the students are so close to their exams. Therefore we started the day with a motivational assembly to the whole of year 11, followed by two motivational workshops, working with selected group of students.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to run three motivational workshops for the year 9 and year 10 at Haven High Academy in Boston, Lincolnshire. I motivated the years 10s in the first two workshops; my goal was to prepare and shape their mindset, especially as they are rapidly approaching year 11, this was the second session I have done for the year 10. The final hour was spent with a selected group of year 9 students; this was my first time meeting this group, nonetheless the motivational workshop was a huge success and I can’t wait to work with them again.

Wednesday I revisited Priory City of Lincoln Academy for the fourth time in the last 12 months. The majority of my time has been spent with the year 11s, however because they are so close to their exams, SLT decided it would be best for me to work the year 9s. Especially as they want the transition from year 9 to year 10 to be a successful one. Therefore I delivered a motivational assembly full of a large amount of impact and value. The motivational assembly was closely followed by a motivational workshop with selected group of students. Once again the sessions went extremely well and I enjoyed my time at the school.

My final day on the road was spent at Henley Bank High School in Gloucester working with the year 11 in a motivational assembly. One topic I emphasised was time management, to ensure they are prioritising their revision to ensure they can fit everything in over the next 3 weeks.

There you have it; extremely busy week and I loved every minute of it, now you can see why I named this blog post ‘Incredible School Speaking Week’. I hope you have had a successful week too, and I hope you continue to push forward.

One final thing. My diary is rapidly filling up; therefore if you would like to book me to deliver a motivational assembly or workshop in your school then email me personally on ASAP, and I will respond as quickly as I can. Thank you for reading this weeks blog ‘Incredible School Speaking Week‘ and I will have much more content coming soon.

Incredible School Speaking

Incredible School Speaking

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