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Motivational Speaking School Motivation – If you haven’t noticed we have a new website; yes that means we haven’t posted for a couple of months. However, we are back on the grind.

With that said we have been extremely busy running motivational sessions across the whole of the UK. Below are some of the messages we have received from students:

Thomas Decon Academy – “Thanks for coming into TDA a couple of weeks ago, I hate school but you have inspired me to pay attention and not to let my family down”
Lawn Manor Academy – “Hello Cameron, I was one of the years 9s at Lawn Manor Academy. The amazing speech you gave us really inspired me to do the right thing and care about the little things in life, stay positive”

Below is Steve Taylor CEO of Cabot Federation tweet. The event was at the University West of England Raising Aspirations event:

“Cameron Parker is in the building inspiring form as usual! Full attention from a full hall of year 9s & 10s. A great introduction to raising aspirations day 2”

Students message – “Bro thanks for coming to the University today, I was in the front row to the right. Now I have seen you twice, once at Downed and now there. Thanks for coming for speaking.”

Shortly after we ran a motivational assembly at Clarendon Academy in Wiltshire –

“I was one of the year 9s from Clarendon Academy from today, I just wanted to say that speech you gave us really inspired me to change the way that I look at life in a different perspective.

“The amazing speech you gave us really inspired me to do the right thing and care more about the little things in life”

There you have it, I continue to focus on delivering impact and value in schools across the UK, for bookings email admin@cameron-parker.comMotivational Speaking School Motivation

Motivational Speaking School Motivation

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