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Over the last month; top schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker has been on tour around the UK. Royal Dock Academy in London, Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School in Birmingham and a roadshow around Suffolk with ‘Take Your Place‘ just to name a few places.

Below are some student messages top schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker received:

“I speak for everyone when I say you are one of the biggest inspirations out there and you really are changing lives.”

Top Schools Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker“I really enjoyed your talk.”

“It made me see that just because you are not the cleverest or smartest that does not stop you from achieving your goals.”

“You have really opened my eyes. Thanks so much”

“You were so inspirational I would love it if you came back”

“Your speech was so inspiring, I can relate as I live with my grandparents and have for many years after being neglected. My nan’s in a hospital with kidney failure and my grandad’s going through chemo so I can relate to wanting to do your grandparents proud. So thank you for sharing your story, I know it takes a lot”

“From Claydon High and just wanted to say it was inspirational about what you said and how you said it. This year I’ve had one of the most difficult years of my life and things like this just give me a boost, keep it up man”

“You were so inspiring. It has really helped me be motivated and confident towards my exams and in life in general so thank you”

“Thanks so much for inspiring me to carry on and do what I need to do. Thanks so much also for spending your time with my group Tuesday”

“You’re such a good motivational speaker! Thanks for coming to my school.”

“Keep doing what you are doing it’s very motivational and inspiring, I appreciate you coming to my school”

“You’re so inspirational. Thank you so much for coming to my school today. Congrats on speaking at TEDx.”

“You came to my school today and your words hit me hard and I respect you for everything you have been through. I needed those words, so thanks for that.”

“You make your talks inspiring to everyone no matter what people think of themselves they all listen to you. Stay cool”

“Your such an inspiration and you inspired me yesterday, thank you and I have realized I need to get on track and work hard for next August”

“Been following you for two years ever since you visited Swindon. You’re amazing.”

“Thank you for coming to my school today you made me realize I need to stop annoying teachers and not go on my phone and I need to focus and revise so I can get the best in life even if school is hard.”

There you have it; if you would like to book in the top school’s motivational speaker Cameron Parker then get in touch. Email  Cameron Parker Schools Motivational Speaker

Top Schools Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker

Written by – Alex

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