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5 Ways to Improve your Revision – There is no secret; the exam season is fast approaching and the preparation for the exams are incredibly stressful. When I work with a new year 11 group at least 3 – 4 times a week in schools across the UK, I always say:

“Put your hand up if you are experiencing a huge amount of pressure or stress…” I can guarantee at least 85% of the room will put their hands up, including the teachers haha.

Whether you are a year 11 student, parent or teacher it doesn’t matter, use it and share it with those individuals who will benefit from it. Before we get into it, the support doesn’t need to end here, follow me on all social media as we release daily content.

Okay, it’s time; the first video I want to share with you is extremely important because understanding what revision actually is will support you further.

Video 1 of 5 Ways to Improve your Revision – What is Revision?

I continually hear students talk about how they struggle to revise at home; therefore, I decided to put this video together, see below:

Video 2 of 5 Ways to Improve your Revision – Can you revise at home?

We are trying to keep these videos short for you; if you need to re-watch the videos a couple of times to understand the message we are putting out then make sure you do.

Another challenge I hear from students is they don’t know how long to spend on their revision and how to chunk it down into small easier steps. The bottom line is we want to get through our revision effectively with minimal procrastination.

Therefore, the two videos below are absolutely crucial; try them both when you revise, choose your favorite or change your approach up to keep it fresh. (That is what I would do!)

Video 3 of 5 Ways to Improve your Revision – Clock Work

Video 4 of 5 Ways to Improve your Revision – Tunnel Vision

Creating the exam environment is extremely important and is not done or focused on enough, but that is why mocks are important, but we also need to try our best to create that atmosphere:

Video 5 of 5 Ways to Improve your Revision – Create the Exam Environment

I know some schools are running mocks again very soon so below is a bonus video for you all.

Video 6 – Mocks: Experience Over Outcome

There you have it; I hope this page was a benefit to you, what I now need you to do is share it with someone else, before it is too late.

Do it now and remember to follow me on all my social media and for bookings or questions feel free to email me personally on

Until next time please remember: You can have results or you can have excuses but you can’t have both.

5 Ways to Improve your Revision
5 Ways to Improve your Revision

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