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Motivational Speaking Outwood Academy Brumby – On Monday I had the opportunity to inspire year 8 – 11 at Outwood Academy Brumby in Scunthorpe. Here are the student messages I received through social media, guaranteed impact and value:

“You inspired me so much today! Me and my friends were so inspired and touched by your story, it made us realise how important education is. Without your speech today, I wouldn’t be the girl I am right now. I’m revising for my exams, you have inspired me”

“Thank you for coming to our school it has helped me to concentrate on my education and not what other people do”

“Thanks for the motivational speech you did at our school earlier. It was amazing and inspired me to do better at school”

“It was amazing how much you motivated me thanks so much”

“You really showed me how it is going to be hard to get through life and there are going to be people who laugh at me but as long as you put in 110% effort then you’ll achieve the very best you can”

“Really inspiring, your story is amazing as the position in your life. You are very luck and your Grandma will be proud. Thank you for coming in today”

“Really loved the talk mate. I feel really inspired, I got some pretty crap results last Thursday but I’m putting in 110% effort now. Cheers for coming in”

“You were at my school here in Scunthorpe today! Outwood Brumby, really enjoyed it”

“I think that you are such an inspiration and you definitely gave me a different look on things, really appreciate it. Also such a great guy”

“Really enjoyable and motivated me a lot”

“Amazing you have really helped me understand that I need to stop saying I’ll do it tomorrow, life doesn’t wait for no one, thank you so much”

“It’s was really good thanks for coming in, I really enjoyed it”

“Hope you enjoyed today, you was very helpful”

“Hey you were actually amazing! Thank you so much, you’ve helped me realise how much education matters in our lives. You inspired me to do well in life, thank you once again, you were very funny too”

“Your talk today was amazing I loved it, you are hilarious and are such an inspiration”

“Because I’m a year 11, I’m finding things very stressful at the moment. But with that speech today, you’ve helped me realise that the stress isn’t worth it. Thank you so much and keep doing what you’re doing, you are inspiring lots of people”

“You was amazing you inspired me so much, hope you come back again”

“It was honestly great, most the students related to you as well”

“You really motivated me into try harder in school, thank you”

“Amazing motivational speaker. Brilliant talk”

“Amazing loved your assembly today, thanks for coming, it was amazing”

“The talk was great and really motivated me for an exam I’m sitting tomorrow. Thanks for coming in”

Thank you for taking the time to read the student messages; for bookings email me personally on

Motivational Speaking Outwood Academy Brumby

Motivational Speaking Outwood Academy Brumby

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