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January has passed; the time has gone quickly right? It has flown by, just like the last 5 years in fact and you better believe, even though the exam season feels like it is months away, it will come around quickly!  At this point you may be struggling, you may feel behind and you may be on the verge of giving up but this is where you need to dig deep! So before I get into the written aspect of this post, I need you to watch the video below to allow you to get a better understanding of what you need to do to make sure you up your work ethic over the next couple of months:

There you have it, my friend – dig deep. Moving on I want to ask you a very important question: why are you revising? Why do you want to do? Why?

The deeper the ‘why’ the easier it is to show grit and determination even when you don’t feel like it, even when you don’t feel motivated. We need to discover the ‘whys’ that actually mean something to us because they are the ‘whys’ that will ultimately make us successful. Are you struggling to understand? Here is an example:

“The reason I want to do well is to make my mother proud and eventually give her things we have never had before.”

It is your duty to find a deeper understanding of why you want to achieve the grades you desire. This goes a lot deeper than just exams; if you can develop your mentality now then that mindset will set you up for many years to come! It will put you ahead of the pack, ready to dominate and succeed in any field you decide to go into.

So my final words are simple, develop your ‘why’ now…write it down and put it somewhere you can see it! And remember: you can’t have excuses and results at the same time, one or the other? You choose. Start NOW!

Why are you Revising?

Why are you Revising?

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