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Motivational Speaking In a Birmingham College – Last week I had the pleasure of inspiring the new students who will be joining Sandwell College in Birmingham this up and coming academic year. This opportunity came about when a member of staff was on holiday down the south of England and she saw me on the news. She told me that she knew I was the right speaker for her students as soon as she finished watching the news segment. If you are interested in watching the video then please click this link –>

Hope you enjoyed watching the video; before I continue, please read some of the messages I received from the students below.

“Really enjoyed your talk at Sandwell College, thank you”

“Thank you for your speech today it has inspired me to try my hardest in all I Motivational Speaking In Birmingham Collegedo, so I appreciate it”

“I like the fact that you told us your story; the experiences about yourself and the problems you have had and how you have came back a better person”

“You have inspired me today, hope to see you again soon”

“Thanks for the talk today it really inspired me”

Sandwell College booked me for the whole week; two talks a day, inspiring a wide range of courses. Courses from hairdressing, building, sports etc, one thing all the students did have in common is that this was their first time in the college and I was one of the first individuals to speak with them.

The response was incredible; staff and students both had great things to say and I know the members of staff are already organizing a time for me to come back and motivate the current students at the college, including running sessions for the staff.

Next academic year is shaping up to be a great one; my schedule is rapidly filling up, therefore if you are looking for guaranteed impact and value in your school or college then email me personally on Looking forward to your response.

Motivational Speaking In a Birmingham College

Motivational Speaking In a Birmingham College

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