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BBC Radio Interview – Crime In Gloucestershire – Two BBC radio Gloucestershire interviews in just seven days; the topics were very similar but slightly contradicted one another. The first time I was invited into the BBC studio was to discuss new statistics that were released in Gloucestershire. The youth crime rate had dropped by nearly 50% in six years, which of course is a great thing to hear. However, before I continue, have a listen to the interview below:

When the presenter asked me what my thoughts were on this, my response was that I am surprised and for good reason. The papers, the radio, and social media all told a different story; especially with the rapid increase of knife crime in Gloucestershire. Despite this, I was starting to believe I was wrong; maybe I was solely focusing on the negative instead of the positive.

Seven days later, I received another phone call from the BBC studios, this time asking me for an interview about the increase in knife crime in Gloucestershire: six stabbings was recorded in just three weeks.

I don’t have the recording of this interview, as it wasn’t in the studio and it was much smaller. However, my thoughts and opinions didn’t change; it is no secret the community needs to come together, create a plan and execute it. I don’t have the solution but I definitely have some ideas and the work I am doing all around the UK is still brining something positive back to Gloucester.

If people can see me following my goals and dreams then hopefully it will inspire them to do the same thing. I believe there are a lack of role models in the city and the more people who stand up and share positivity the better, regardless of their background.

With that said, if you want to discuss this in more detail then feel free to email me personally on and follow me on all my social media. I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon.

BBC Radio Interview – Crime In Gloucestershire

BBC Radio Interview – Crime In Gloucestershire

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