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Headteacher’s Opinion on Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker – In April the UK’s leading motivational speaker Cameron Parker was invited to Outwood Academy Foxhills in Scunthorpe; the goals were simple: to inspire, raise aspirations, build confidence and get the students ‘exam ready’ in both years 10 and 11. Headteacher, Angela Hull, sat down with Cameron’s camera team to describe the impact & value he had in her school:

Cameron spent half a day in Outwood Academy Foxhills; 1 hour with Year 10 and 1 hour with Year 11, after the two sessions Cameron did a workshop with 30 selected students from both year groups.

Each year group presented different challenges; but with an in-depth breakdown from the teachers beforehand Cameron knew exactly what he has in store. Cameron has the flexibility to tailor his message and that is exactly what he did, ensuring a successful outcome.

The workshop after the motivational assemblies was a great opportunity to work with the students further. Cameron grasped a better understanding of the students and the challenges they are currently facing. He then worked on overcoming obstacles and creating a vision for them to work towards moving forward.

Cameron’s personal message to Outwood Academy Foxhills:

“I just want to say a huge thank you to the staff and students; you made me feel welcome and I really enjoyed my time at your school. I can’t wait to come back and work with you all again soon, keep up the amazing work.”

You will need to act now if you would like to book Cameron; every month is getting busier and we would hate for your students to miss out.

Email if you are considering bringing Cameron in to leave a lasting impact on your students, or simply if you have any questions.

Headteacher’s Opinion on Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker

Headteacher’s Opinion on Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker

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