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Motivational Speaker UK Chantry Academy¬† – Cameron Parker, UK’s #1 motivational speaker finished the week off strong, running a motivational assembly for the year 11 students at Chantry Academy in Ipswich. The students responded extremely well; below are some student messages Cameron received via social media:

“Hey I go to Chantry and had you in the assembly, just wanted to say I really appreciated it and that I can relate to the struggles you went through”

“Hi. I go to Chantry Academy and I thought your speech was amazing. I have self confidence issues and I hate speaking in public so what you did really helped me and I’m going through a lot of stress myself at the moment and your speech really inspired me so I just wanted to say thank you”

“Hi, so I came into your speaker thing and I honestly thought i’d fall asleep half way through but I didn’t because I spent my time laughing and actually taking in what you had to say, you were informative and show that if you have a small set back it isn’t a complete set back in life. So thank you, you’re great at what you do and I left without falling asleep and a little motivated”

“So motivational, honestly changed my views on school”

“You came to my school yesterday and absolutely changed my views of GCSE thank you so much for your time brother it changed me”

Headteacher – Huge thank you to @CamParkerHUD for a truly inspiring presentation to our Chantry Academy year 11. Great message” via Twitter

Mr T Moseley said via Twitter – “Thank you @CamParkerHUD for an inspirational afternoon. A great session to help our students keep motivated to achieve their best. #nolimits”

Cameron loved his time inspiring the year 11 at Chantry Academy; thank you to ‘Take Your Place‘ for making it happen, our time in Suffolk has been a successful one (See Other Blogs). If you would like to book the UK’s #1 motivational speaker Cameron Parker then email and we will get back to you very soon. Until then, keep up the incredible work and keep on inspiring.

Motivational Speaker UK Chantry Academy

Motivational Speaker UK Chantry Academy

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