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Motivational Speaker Ipswich UK – UK’s #1 motivational speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to inspire year 11 students from Ipswich Academy and Copleston High School. The impact and value Cameron delivered was second to none, below are some student messages Cameron received via social media:

“Thank you forgiving us that talk it really means a lot”

“Hey Cameron, you were at my school (Ipswich Academy) and you made me realise something. I have been putting a project aside for about a month or two now and I realise that now, I shouldn’t put things off and make my writing dream a reality, you also made me realise I should start revising more. Your a very good speaker and I hope for the best for you and your future 🙂 thank you for spending your day coming to our school today, your an inspiration to all”

“Copleston it was really good and inspiring”

“You are very inspirational and because of what you have saiud I have decided that I do need to change some views on how I see my education, when I leave school like you said, things won’t just ‘fall into place’ I need to work for it and go out there and get it! Thank you so much”

“Copleston – I really enjoyed your speech”

“Thanks man, you did such a good job”

“Copleston and it was amazing. I sat right at the back by the doors with my two best friends and when you told your anecdotes we were crying with laughter. I used to think that the teachers were against me but yesterday made me realise they’re not”

“very motivated after that speech”

There you have it; if you would like to book the UK’s #1 motivational speaker Cameron Parker into your school then email us now on and we will get you booked in very soon.

Motivational Speaker Ipswich UK

Motivational Speaker Ipswich UK

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