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Motivational Speaker Lowestoft Sixth Form College – The Suffolk roadshow continued for motivational speaker Cameron Parker. This was the first time Cameron worked with students in Sixth Form since starting with ‘Take Your Place‘; and the feedback from Lowestoft Sixth Form College has been amazing, below are some student messages Cameron received via social media:

“Enjoyed the assembly from you today (Lowestoft Sixth Form College)”

“Yeah it was a good talk you made everyone involved and talking to one another and it was really motivating to do well and plan out my studies”

“I found your leaflet with your details on them only this morning, it seemed to have fallen to the bottom of my pile on my desk! I came up to the front to say hello when you finishes your talk if you can’t remember who I am. Thank you so much for coming to speak to us last week. It was so nice to hear your story and learn about the way you made it through it all. I so enjoyed hearing about it. I hope that you are getting on okay as well, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

“Yo, your speech on Wednesday was inspirational my guy! To see you go from the situation you were in to now, woah, well done and well done on giving a fantastic speech”

There you have it; huge thank you to everyone at Lowestoft Sixth Form College, the student engagement and enthusiasm was great to see, all students showed a huge amount of focus throughout the session.

If you would like Cameron to motivate and inspire your Sixth Form or College students then please us at and we will be in touch shortly to get you booked in. Please be aware; Camerons schedule is rapidly filing up, so do not wait and send the email now, the last thing we want is for your students to miss out.

Motivational Speaker Lowestoft Sixth Form College

Motivational Speaker Lowestoft Sixth Form College

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