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Motivational Speaker Benjamin Britten Academy – Schools motivational speaker had the opportunity to inspire all of year 10 and year 11 at Benjamin Britten Academy in Suffolk. Below are some student messages Cameron received via social media:

“Thank you for today at Benji you are very inspiring and I am going to take your motivation and go for it”

“Hi Cameron I just want to say what an inspirational message you gave out to us at Benjamin Britten and I would just like to say it has defiantly made me think but I try my hardest anyway but I always believe you can always do better and so I just wanted to thank you for being so amazing and I hope the full 2 months are going to go well for you”

“You are very inspirational Cam, I honestly thought it would be a boring guy coming to talk about work experience but it wasn’t, thanks for coming to Bejamin Britten”

“Hiya I just want to say your speech was so inspirational and amazing it’s actually goods to hear about your personal life and how  great you have come from your school experience, do you get what I mean? Any way I just want to say how great your speech was, I’m from Benjamin Britten Academy”

“So I’m sure many people from Benji have messaged you after your talk yesterday, but I hope you can understand the significance of my message. I watched your talk, I want to own my own media company for marketing, I’m sh*t at school, but I try hard in everything else. I run in the mornings and do my paper round, I work Saturdays, and most nights I’m working on my website or with the few clients I already have. So sometimes in school I don’t really try. I’ve got up to run, I feel good sometimes, I come home and I make a bit of money. I know I will do well after school, I have a great Dad and I’m really looking towards a good future but you really brought up some points in that talk that just made me come out of the arrogance a bit. You know 14 years in education with nothing to prove. Never really believing in my teachers and just the value of maybe caring a bit more! But for me as someone so focused it just struck a chord to realise oh god! You opened me to my own arrogance and i’ll pay some closer attention to it. That was long I appreciate that but I still don’t think I can quiet illustrate the real impact that you have had. So thank you!”

Thank you to ‘Take Your Place‘ for organising the motivational speeches; if you would like to book Cameron then please email us at

Motivational Speaker Benjamin Britten Academy

Motivational Speaker Benjamin Britten Academy

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