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Motivational Speaker on Freedom Pact Podcast – In September the UK’s #1 motivational speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to star on the ‘Freedom Pact Podcast’. The podcast took place over the phone, however Cameron decided to also go live on Facebook at the same time. We managed to save the video and we are going to share the video with you today. Before you watch the video, be sure to follow Cameron on all his social medias for that daily motivation.

Freedom Pact Podcast Video:

There you have it; what did you think? Cameron went into great detail about his life; both his struggles and successes. Cameron is very open minded when it comes to talking about his life; the main reason is because Cameron understand everyone has their own personal battles and challenges.

Therefore, Cameron believes it is esseMotivational Speaker on Freedom Pact Podcastntial to share his own personal stories; not just the positive stories and that is why the motivational work Cameron is delivering has a huge impact with the individuals he comes in contact with.

After the podcast, Cameron shared his thoughts about ‘Freedom Pact Podcast’:

“Loved every minute of the podcast I did with Freedom Pact; it was an amazing conversation we had, and I am extremely impressed with their interviewing skills. I hope you all enjoy it, and if there is anything else I can do to help then please reach out, we are here to help”

There you have it; part 2 will defiantly happen in the near future, and we are very excited to make that happen again. If you have benefited from the video and the podcast then please do the take the time to follow Freedom Pact Podcast because they are doing some incredible work across the UK.

One final thing; Cameron is working very hard in schools across the UK, he doesn’t want students to miss out, therefore if you would like to book Cameron Parker then email us now on and you will hear back from us very soon.

Motivational Speaker on Freedom Pact Podcast

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