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Motivational Speaker Stoke High School – On the 23rd of February, I had the opportunity to motivate year 10 students from Stoke High School in a motivational assembly. The motivational speech went amazing, the student response was incredible, with some of the students coming up to me at the end of motivational session to say thank you and to ask questions.

I also received some brilliant messages on social media from the students who attended the motivational speech, the messages are below:

“Hi, you did a talk at my school yesterday and I just wanted to say how helpful I found it. What you said really spoke to me and I really enjoyed the way you did your talk. I definitely feel back on track for motivation. Thank you so much”

“Your speech was amazing earlier, I learnt a lot through it and everything you said inspired me to reach for my dream and go for the job I wanted, it was really inspiring, I am a student of Stoke High School, I feel inspired to

Motivational Speaker Stoke High School

achieve what I want and to try my hardest at school and I need my GCSE’s”

“Thank you for today mate you changed my view on learning, and to do better in school”

“Good talk today mate, recommend it to most people”

The ‘Take Your Place‘ team from Suffolk University created this opportunity; they are doing unbelievable work in schools around Suffolk. Therefore it was a great experience to work side by side with them, especially as we share a similar mission. This is the start of a great relationship and I can’t wait to visit Suffolk again and work with more of their students.

P.S – If you are looking for someone to deliver a powerful motivational speech then feel free to email me on and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Motivational Speaker Stoke High School

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