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Motivational Speech Felixstowe Academy – I started my Suffolk motivational speaking tour off strong in Felixstowe Academy. The motivational assembly was directed at the year 10 students, with a few classes of year 11.

The motivational speech ran for 60 minutes; touching on topics such as confidence building, motivational levels and why it is important to have a big vision, but also the power of breaking down that big goal into smaller steps.

The student response was incredible, below are the messages I received from some of Felixstowe Academy students:

“I saw you at Felixstowe yesterday and I just want to say thanks for inspiring us”

“Thanks for the inspiring speech telling your story and coming down to Felixstowe Academy to talk to us. I’m definitely taking what you’ve said into consideration and I’m cracking down and hopefully get the grades I want, thanks”

“I’m from Felixstowe Academy, thanks for coming, you really inspired me bro. You have really made me try harder in school thanks”

“I really enjoyed your talk! It was really fun and really inspirational. I may even say that I felt motivated. Thanks for coming to our school and going on that 4 hour car jounrye just to get here, I couldn’t do it. Again, thank you for coming”

“You came to FXA today and your speech was sooooo good!”

“Thank you for your amazing talk, really opened my eyes to things, I could’ve been doing better before”

Impact and value is always my focus when working in schools across the UK. Therefore it was only right to team up with the ‘Take Your Place‘ team out of Suffolk University, to bring some of the very best work and motivation to schools across Suffolk. I spent 3 days in Suffolk, running motivational assemblies in 6 different schools and every day was powerful.

If you would like to see guaranteed impact & value in your school then email me personally on

Motivational Speech Felixstowe Academy

Motivational Speech Felixstowe Academy

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