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Motivational Speaker Mildenhall College Academy – On 22nd of February, I was working side by side with the fantastic ‘Take Your Place‘ team in Suffolk to inspire the year 10 Students from Mildenhall College Academy. It was an incredible opportunity; in the motivational assembly that lasted 90 minutes, we touched on topics such as motivation, aspirations and the importance of working hard in year 10. The student response was brilliant, below are the messages I received via social media:

“You came to MCA and it was the best 1:30 hours I have ever had in that school honestly and your stories were great, they literally got me going and active, cheers very much for that #DreamsToReality”

“I found it very thought provoking and interesting, it was a good laugh and I thouroughly enjoyed your visit”

“Cameron, I fully appreciate you taken the time to come to my school on Thursday 22nd. I fully enjoyed my self and I thought your stories were very relatable. I would love for you and your team member to come back. I’m going through a rough time at the moment but you made me feel better about myself 100%”

“Hi I’m one of the students from MCA, just wanted to thank you for your speech today, it was really motivating, good luck with everything, I hope you achieve what you want to get to”

“Hi, I’m from the school you talked at today, MCA, and it was actually a very interesting talk”

“Thank you for that talk today at MCA. I enjoyed it”

“Hi you came to my school today at MCA! I found your talk very interesting today.”

Thank you for talking the time to read the brilliant student messages from Mildenhall College Academy students. I really enjoyed my experience at the school and I can’t wait to inspire more of their students in the future.

For bookings, email me personally – cam@cameron-parker.comMotivational Speaker Mildenhall College Academy

Motivational Speaker Mildenhall College Academy

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