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Motivational Speaker East Bergholt High School – Apart of the motivational speaking tour in Suffolk, working side by side with the ‘Take Your Place‘ team, I had the opportunity to inspire the year 11s at East Bergholt High School in Colchester. The school motivational assembly was a huge success, below are some of the messages I received from their students:

“Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for coming in. I’m from East Bergolt High School. And your speech was amazing. I don’t really create big dreams. I focus more on what is realistic. I have a dream to go to University and study acting and a teaching degree. Hearing everything you have done and the challMotivational SpeakerEast Bergholt High Schoolenges you had to have made me so confident in what I want to do because school hasn’t been easy neither has my home life. You were wonderful. Thank you so much.”

“Hello Cameron, I am from East Bergolt High School. I loved your motivational talk. It has helped me to realise what I have got to do from now until my exams. Thank you for coming to our school and taking the time out of our day to come. Good luck with everything in the future”

“Hey I’m from East Bergholt High and saw your talk on Wednesday and found it really helpful and inspirational, I’m in year 11 so may not be able to see you talk again before I leave, but I feel like the years below would find it as helpful as I did. Thank you for taking time to see us”

“You’ve motivated me so much, thanks a lot from the head boy of East Bergholt”

I want to take this moment to thank all the staff and students involved at East Bergholt High School. You made me feel extremely welcome, and I’m confident this will be the start of a great relationship. Until next time, keep up the amazing work.

Motivational Speaker East Bergholt High School

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