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Motivational Speaker in Felixstowe Academy – On Friday 28th of September schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to inspire the year 10s at Felixstowe Academy in Suffolk. This was a part of the ‘Take Your Place‘ program; the focus was on motivational levels, raising aspirations and providing students with the inspiration to succeed in school.

The motivational assembly was a huge success; and the student feedback was incredible, below are some messages Cameron received via social media:

“Thank you to @CamParkerHUD for coming into my school today and delivering your motivational speech! Feel like many schools. year 10/11 should hear that!”

“YOO, your speech was sick, really relatable and I took loads away from it, not going to lie I wasn’t feeling the boring talk that we always get but something about you had me switched on and listening and appreciating everything you said, all the respect for you and good luck in the future’

“From Felixstowe Academy love your work and your inspiration, mad love and respect”

“I’m from Felixstowe Academy! Thank you for coming today, I enjoyed it!”

“Thank you for today it has really made me think how much I can change up my life and my mates love your Jordans”

“Hey your speech made me feel like I could change my way of school life and social life”

“Cameron on Friday you came ti Felixstowe Academy and you done a inspirational talk and it helped me put what happened in the past behind me and move to the future”

If you would to like to see guaranteed impact and value in your school then you need to email us now; Cameron is on a mission to inspire as many people as he can, and we would love the opportunity to work with your students. For bookings email and we will be in touch soon. Until then, keep on working hard.

Motivational Speaker in Felixstowe Academy

Motivational Speaker in Felixstowe Academy

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