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Schools Motivational Speaker Suffolk – Number #1 schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to run a motivational session for year 10 and year 11 at Holbrook Academy in Suffolk. The motivational speech lasted for 60 minutes; and the impact was second to none, below are some student messages Cameron Parker received via social media:

“I just wanted to say thank you for today, I think I really needed it to set me up for my mock exams”

“Before you came into Holbrook I was laid back and taking school day by day but when I got home I realised what you was saying and I did a lot of revision and I helped my brother for an hour with his homework. Thanks for basically kicking me up the arse and telling me to learn more and stop doing everything until the last minute and then forgetting everything”

“I have ADHD so I struggle a lot and it is tough and I struggle a lot with friendships, people say stuff then I get upset or annoyed. When you said you had ADD I felt like I wasn’t alone and other people have similar things to me so thank you for sharing it”

“Thank you for the talk today”

“It was very refreshing especially how you talked from your experience and you engaged with us a lot which I liked”

“Thanks so much for coming to Holbrook you really lifted and inspired me to go to the gym”

“Thank you very much for coming to Holbrook you really motivated me and made me consider my life choices, I have now started to do plenty of things to make life splendid.”

“You came to my school yesterday and you were amazing! Such an inspiring man honestly! Me and my friends was so appreciative fort he advice you gave us! Thank you again”

“It was awesome and It really inspired me”

The motivational speech was organised through ‘Take Your Place‘, however if you would like to book Cameron Parker in to your school then email us asap, on and we will be in touch very soon. Until then keep up the incredible work.

Schools Motivational Speaker Suffolk

Schools Motivational Speaker Suffolk

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