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Motivational Speaker Haverhill Academies Suffolk – UK’s Schools Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to inspire in Haverhill Suffolk last week. The two schools Cameron inspired was Samuel Ward Academy and Castle Manor Academy on behalf of ‘Take Your Place,’ here are the student messages Cameron received on social media:

“Hi I’m from Samuel Ward Academy and I just want to say thank you for the talk you delivered to us today. Over the last year I was finding it really difficult to concentrate and get work done due to stress, anxiety and finding out family member has Parkinsons disease. Hearing that not only us students go through a lot, but that adults have also been through things, it really changed my mindset and I do so much better in school today. Thank you again for being inspiring”

“It actually inspired me a lot! Thank you so much”

“You were at my school today and to be honest it was so nice to have someone like you, who doesn’t just say stuff but actually motivates us. Thank you so much for inspiring me”

“I just want to say thank you for coming to my school today! You have helped me loads. I really struggle at school due to loosing my eye sight so I’ve kinda given up but you have showed me that I shouldn’t just give up and try so thank you for that”

“Hey you came to my school yesterday Castle Manor. I loved the talk, I was the one who kept saying the answers. Thank you for the encouragement I’m going to do my hardest”

“Hey Cameron, you visited my school yesterday in Havenhill and you finished with a quote that I thought was pretty amazing, thanks for inspiring me”

“Hi I loved your speech today at Samuel Ward Academy”

“I think you are probably the first person who’s done an assembly in our school who’s really really caught the attention of people and it personally made me think what my goals are an what I want to come out like. Heard over people talking as well saying they loved the assembly. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks.”

“Hi I’m from Castle Manor Academy, thank you for today. Made me rethink my behaviour at school”

There you have it; if you would like to book the number #1 ‘Schools Motivational Speaker’ Cameron Parker then email us at and we will be in touch shortly. Until then keep up the inspiring work.

Motivational Speaker Haverhill Academies Suffolk

Motivational Speaker Haverhill Academies Suffolk

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