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Motivational Speaker Thomas Gainsborough School – UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to inspire the year 11 students for 100 minutes at Thomas Gainsborough school Monday, on behalf of ‘Take Your Place‘. Below are the student messages Cameron received via social media:

“Thanks for coming to TGS today. I definitely think you helped me realise how I can approach revision”

“Hi I’m from Thomas Gainsborough School, thank you for coming in really appreciate it, definitely helped me and hopefully a lot of others too, keep doing what you are doing because it’s great”

“From Thomas Gainsborough loved your talk was so much better then PE and helped me so much and it’s nice to see what Dyslexic people can do when we put our minds to it (Yh I’m dyslexic too)”

“Was nice to have a motivational speech that didn’t make you want to go to sleep, made the message funny and enjoyable”

“Hiya, you was at my school today ‘TGS’ and I just wanted to say thank you! Over the summer I was in a show and it was intense rehearsals and a long run of two weeks performing , and coming out of it has left me on a low. I haven’t got any drama to do and for a couple of weeks I have been undecided about joining a new drama group, and after you saying today ‘real and unrealistic’ goals it made me want to email and sign up. Thank you for giving me a positive view in the week. Thanks”

“Honestly you made me so motivated for this week”

“Motivated me so much”

“From TGS and so grateful you delivered such a good speech yesterday it was so inspirational and funny as well at times and you truly made my Monday. Your motivational speeches will take you a long way and you are good at doing them, I’ve always been organised but to be motivated has been a struggle but after yesterday you’ve made me realise that I could be doing more”

If you would like to book Cameron in to inspire your students then email our office now and we can organise a date in the diary. The email address is we are looking forward to hearing from you and until next time keep up the great work.

Motivational Speaker Thomas Gainsborough School

Motivational Speaker Thomas Gainsborough School

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