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Motivating Students In Bristol – 4 years ago I remember when all I had was a dream to become a UK motivational speaker, and now I can honestly say I am living it. Today I visited one of the best locations within Bristol, Ashton Gate, home to the Bristol City football club & Bristol Rugby.

However; despite the location I wasn’t inspiring those two professional teams. One day I know I will get that talk, but today, my full undivided attention was on the students from Bristol City Community Trust. “Bristol City Community Trust is a registered charity, which strives to make a positive difference for all through sport and learning. We aim to do this by providing fun, safe and enjoyable activities for people of all ages and abilities, whilst ensuring our sessions are accessible and delivered to the highest of standards.”

Motivating Students In Bristol - UK Elite Motivator

The trust continuously focuses on making a positive difference, today was an example of that. The coaches, teachers and students were very welcoming. They made me and my team Life Media feel at home from the moment we walked through the doors. The Trust focuses on high standards, therefore I ensured my talk was based around their personal philosophy, that philosophy has shaped them into a highly successfully organisation.

The inspirational session was tailored towards the students personal development. My goal was to increase their motivation. Not only within their education but also within their lives; I emphasised the importance of education and how I feel it is important to pursue something you really love to do.

I’m exciting for the future; I will continue to pursue my dream and help inspire as many people as I can. If you are interested in booking me for your school/ college or organisation then shoot me an email at Look forward to hearing from you.

Cameron Parker Elite Motivator - Motivating Students In Bristol

Motivating Students In Bristol

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