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BEWARE Motivational Speakers Documentary – Okay this post is not that serious haha BUT…Well, you are going to learn something today (hopefully), plus below is my new video from the top entrepreneurial school within Europe, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy. I believe this is the best video I have posted, check it out…

Hope you enjoyed the video; great production as usual from the Bristol-based company Life Media, feel free to share the video on your social medias. Soooo back to the blog, ‘The Reason Why You Pretend You Don’t Care’. I have personally experienced this a handful of times. The most common story I share within schools, is when I describe the moment I opened my GCSE results envelope and saw my grades. It wasn’t until the moment that I looked at my grades that I realised I actually did care, and I was pretending for so long that I didn’t.

The question is why? Why do we pretend we don’t care about our health? Why do we pretend we don’t care about a job promotion? Why do we pretend we don’t care about an exam or coursework? And why do we pretend we don’t care about a friendship? Or whatever the situation may be. Cameron Parker - Motivational Speakers Documentary

You pretend you don’t care because you are scared of looking like a failure. Think about it; if you don’t achieve a grade you wanted, instead of being perceived as an underachiever you are trying to identify yourself as someone who didn’t care anyway.

GUESS WHAT? You still have the same grade; the majority of people you are trying to convince actually don’t care, and now you have wasted a significant amount of energy on something that is pointless. I need you to know that there is nothing wrong with experiencing setbacks, and understand that just because you haven’t achieved something YET, it does not mean you won’t ever achieve it.

Bottom line…if you want something, go after it with everything you’ve got and stop wasting time convincing people you don’t care because you DO!

Motivational Speakers Documentary

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