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Wow today was an incredible day; I had an opportunity to inspire and mentor a handful of students at the career event in Oasis Academy John Williams Bristol. This was my first invite to the academy and I was extremely impressed. The building was state of the art, staff were very welcoming and the students were great to work with.

No great reason for this post, I just wanted to quickly share my experience with you, so please excuse any grammatical errors haha. Before I continue, if you want to see me in action, watch my latest video inspiring at Ashton Gate ———> GET INSPIRED

Okay you should be feeling pumped up after that video, if you didn’t watch it…I am disappointed in you. I understand it may not be for you, but I know it will have an impact on your students if you are a teacher.

Today I was mentoring a wide range of students; many of the students had low aspirations with massive potential. I truly believe with more push they can reach great success, not only within school but also within their lives.

I will be visiting Oasis Academy John Williams on a regular basis, continuing to build a great relationship with the students. I am confident my mentoring programs will have an impact on the students, raising their aspirations, boosting their confidence, providing a plan that ultimately increases their GCSE grades.

If you want me to start mentoring in your school then you MUST contact me as soon as you can because my time is very limited. Whatever challenges or problems you are currently facing with your students, I am confident within time of implementing my strategies and providing them with motivation we will see change.

My email is Look forward to receiving your email.

School Speaker Cameron Parker Mentoring at Oasis Academy John Williams Bristol

Mentoring at Oasis Academy John Williams Bristol

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