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I want to shine the spotlight on two schools I had the opportunity to share my valuable service with last week. Firstly, The Forest High School in Gloucestershire, who invested in my ‘Ultimate GCSE Preparation’ pacSchool Motivational Speaker “Thank you for motivating me to carry on with my studies”kage, and secondly to Winterbourne International Academy, to whom I provided a motivational session with 300 of their year 10s.

Before I continue, I’m going to share with you a few messages I received:

“Thanks today bro, I don’t like school but I can now see how it benefits me. Hearing your story has made me think differently, I’m going to try my best and see what happens. Hope you come in again soon.”

School speaker taking pictures with Cameron after the session“Hey, my name is Lizzie, you came to my school today to give a talk. I just wanted to say thank you for motivating me to carry on with my studies at 110%, because I was feeling really tired and deflated, and your talk was exactly what I needed to keep me moving forward. Thank you!”

“Feeling very inspired, thank you for coming in today”

“Feeling very inspired by Cameron’s talk, thanks so much for coming into our school and talking to us”

“Thank you for motivating me to carry on with my studies”I have shared with you only a few, but If I’m honest I receive messages similar to this on a regular basis, but just not to this magnitude. This is coming from a place of modesty but things have changed for me over the last 6 months and I still can’t believe what I share is having a positive impact on thousands of people across the UK.

The shift came when I came to an understanding that being just a good speaker wasn’t enough, to ensure longevity in anything you pursue requires providing value. I was constantly thinking how could I benefit the student’s life after they leave my motivational session?

Therefore I started to focuCameron Parker in Bristol with The Ridings Academy Studentss on what schools really want, how can I fix their problems and how can I leave a lasting impact on the students.
When I started to create this material and combined it with my unique approach to delivering my sessions I received results, and a lot more favorability from the teachers and students.

I will continue on this mission to bring change to schools within the UK and eventually around the world. I truly love what I do, to spread my passion with others is amazing.I’m exciting for the future; I will continue to pursue my dream and help inspire as many people as I can. If you are interested in booking me for your school/ college or organisation then shoot me an email at Look forward to hearing from you.

Number one school speaker Cameron Parker In Gloucestershire

“Thank you for motivating me to carry on with my studies”

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