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Bukky Yusuf: Education, Coaching and Wellbeing – In 2020 I had the opportunity to sit down with the legend Bukky Yusef on the Dreams 2 Reality Podcast. Bukky is someone who inspires me, and she is consistently sharing and serving education within the UK.

Here is the podcast with Bukky. You can watch it on Youtube or listen to the audio on Apple Podcast or Spotify ‘Dreams 2 Reality’.

I first met Bukky at the ‘Leadership Matters Annual Conference’. I had the opportunity to ask Bukky, and many other guests, questions on leadership, mindset, and growth. The limited-time was the only downside to this panel discussion. Therefore, I knew I wanted to get Bukky onto the podcast to discuss these subjects in more detail.

This was achieved, but we also discussed many other subjects, including the Disney film Moana haha. All jokes aside this was a great conversation. Bukky has so much wisdom and knowledge to share. I personally learned so much and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the podcast back.

I loved when Bukky said:

“You can’t please everyone, but you can do right by the majority”

This hit me hard. I want to help everyone in a positive way, but I quickly learned that not everyone will like you or appreciate your message. That is why you have to follow your heart, goals, and dreams with an understanding that some people may not like it. But if you are trying to add value, with the intention of being kind, the majority will benefit.

With that said I want to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone today. Implementing the WomenEd philosophy of being 10% braver. Imagine what you could do and achieve. Imagine the people you can impact.

Enough from me. Once again, check out the podcast – it’s truly inspiring and I hope you find it as valuable as I did.

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Bukky Yusuf: Education, Coaching and WellbeingBukky Yusuf: Education Coaching and Wellbeing

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