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No secret my passion is in Inspiring schools; I love having an opportunity to share my message and principles with the students, especially as I know the impact my motivational talks can have. On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st I spent time at The Park inspiring 5 schools from the South of Bristol.

The 5 schools are Bedminster Down, St Bernadettes, Oasis John Williams, Merchants Academy and Bridge learning campus.The event was aimed to raise the aspirations of the students; getting the ball rolling in their thinking for the future, providing options and places they may want to go and learn.

In my motivational talks I emphasised the importance of education, the principleCameron inspiring schools within Bristol, The Park Knowles of working hard, growth mindset, whilst raising the students aspirations and boosting their self esteem.

The day was a huge success! I only had the opportunity to inspire the year 9s, however it was a fantastic day and I met some amazing people. The students from the schools were extremely well behaved and was engaged with my motivational talks. I received some excellent feedback from the students, here is one message I received:

“Hello I’m one of the students you get a speech too today, I would just like to say thank you so much for delivering that speech and it really inspired me to get my head down in school. Hopefully it got through to others as well”

UKs top motivational speaker Cameron Parker, In Bristol SouthIt is very rewarding receiving fantastic feedback; it makes inspiring schools worth it, especially knowing you have a opportunity to change lives. I will continue to grow & improve, within time I know I will have the opportunity to inspire in schools all around the UK.

If you’re searching for a school speaker to inspire whilst adding a lasting impact on your students then send me an email at or head over to my contact page.

Until next time, stay humble, stay hungry and remember only the hungriest succeed!

Inspiring Schools Bristol

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