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Time to finish strong and wrap up a successful year; you want to leave a lasting impact on your students and ensure the BIG awards night was well worth the investment. Therefore you are considering a keynote speaker; the risk of a disappointing speaker is overwhelming and can ruin the whole night if not picked correctly. What if I told you there aren’t any risk with hiring me as your keynote speaker? You can see for yourself by watching my new video below —->

The video was taken from Oasis Academy, Brightstowe in Bristol, a great location with truly inspiring teachers. Being a keynote speaker at awards nights is always fun and I enjoy dressing up from time to time. Every awards ceremony is different and unique in it’s own way. I cater for that possibility and tailor my service to meet my customers’ specific needs.

I appreciate hours and hours of hard work have been implemented throughout the academic year, with many highs and low, but those who have focused and consistently challenged themselves deserve to be rewarded.

However, it is important to remember an awards ceremony is not the end, it is only the beginning, and a great opportunity to use the momentum to help push students forward. It is challenging to get that message across to students attending, but it is not impossible, and this is emphasised throughout my powerful speeches.

If you are serious about making this the best night of your academic year then it is vital you hire the best keynote speaker there is. In my honest (and normally correct) opinion I am that speaker without a doubt, and many of my previous clients think so too, as I have received testimonial after testimonial; some are attached below. I also have many more motivational videos here on my youtube channel, and just in case you need extra reassurance  ***Click Here To Get Motivated*** 

If you are still reading this that tells me you are serious. If you want to book me or have any questions then email me at I look forward to hearing from you, I know you will make the right decision 🙂

Keynote Speaker - Cameron Parker

Keynote Speaker

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