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Happy New Year, welcome to the first educational podcast and blog of 2021. I hope you are well and keeping safe in our 3rd lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. You already know I pride myself on delivering and adding as much value as I possibly can. This podcast with Hannah Wilson, co-founder of Diverse Educators will be no different.

Before I share with you my favourite topics of the podcast feel free to click the link below to watch the full episode, or you can head over to Apple Podcast and Spotify to listen on the move.

My favourite part of the podcast is when we discussed the idea and impact of ‘Saying the Wrong Thing’.

It can be a difficult subject to talk about, and I believe many people avoid the hard conversations because they don’t want to look bad. I can understand this thought process because when a mistake does occasionally happen, people may jump on it and react in a negative manner.

I think this should happen in some instances, and people need to be held accountable for what they say, but the context of the conversation matters. For example, in the ‘Dreams 2 Reality’ podcast we discuss everything from racism, sexism, mental health as well as the more common topics on the podcast like mindset.

When discussing issues and challenges I am aware of but not fully educated on, then I like to ask the questions and listen. I could avoid this altogether, as I could make myself look uneducated in front of thousands of people.

However, as I have the platform, I believe it is necessary. We should all remain curious, ask questions if we are not sure, and listen to understand, not listen to respond. I think Hannah explained this perfectly; we will make mistakes, and if we do, we can always correct them and learn.

If you want to know more about Hannah, then below are some important links you can follow her on and read her work:

With that said, thank you for watching and reading. It is always appreciated and until next time be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter CamParkerD2R. Please follow Hannah on Twitter @Ethical_Leader

Please check out Hannahs work:

Hannah Wilson Co-Founder of Diverse Educators Podcast

Hannah Wilson Co-Founder of Diverse Educators Podcast

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