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Guest Speakers For Schools – Yesterday I had the opportunity to inspire the year 11s from Mangotsfield school in Bristol. The timing was crucial; when the students arrive back after the easter break they only have around one month until their first exams. Therefore my aim was to leave a lasting impact on the students, providing them with motivation throughout the exam period.

Here is the message I received before the talk – “The year 11s lack motivation in terms of starting revision and independence. Huge amount of students assume they can get good/half decent grades without putting in too much effort, but they need to realise its tough and they will get back what they put in.” Plus it was mentioned that the students are a great bunch of people, but they are low on aspiration.Cameron Parker motivational speaker

My message was tailored towards GCSEs, therefore I shared with the students my story and the lessons I learned from receiving poor grades. At this stage of their schooling career there is no time for wasting, they need to get serious, otherwise it could have a huge impact on the grades they receive if they don’t. My approach in the inspirational session was more direct than usual, emphasising the importance of taking time out of their day to revise and study.

When you think about it, after the GCSE exams are complete the students will have months off. Plenty of time to relax, probably the most they will be granted in their lives until they retire, especially if they proceed down the career or higher education route.

So why not put everything you have into your revision? The last thing the students want to do is look back on this opportunity and have any regrets. I’m confident I communicated this message across to the students clearly and they understood my message. Here are two messages I received from students

“I just wanted to say thank you for the speech you did at Mangotsfield school today, I found it so helpful!”

“I really liked your speech Cameron. It was great.”

I’m exciting for the future; I will continue to pursue my dream and help inspire as many people as I can. If you are interested in booking me for your school/ college or organisation then shoot me an email at Look forward to hearing from you.

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