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This academic year is flying; it is great to see that teachers understand the value of the service I provide and are investing in their students by hiring me to inspire at their school. However having an opportunity to inspire at a place where you once studied is always an honor. Last week I had an opportunity to talk at the ambitions event held at the wise campus in Bristol (England). They were searching for an entrepreneurial speaker and they decided to select me. The day was a busy one providing 8 entrepreneurial talks; I received some great feedback, here is one message I received straight after the event via Facebook; Entrepreneurial Speaker Cameron Parker

“Hi Cameron, I attended one of your talks today about creating a business and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it! Thank you!”

Here are 12 of my entrepreneurial tips:

Passion – Pursue something you are passionate about, less chance of you quitting. However, you need to decide whether this passion is something you normally do to escape reality or something you can imagine doing everyday of your life.

Branding –This is massive in business; this can be from your logo to what you wear in a meeting. Create a brand you love and proud to represent.

Take a Risk – What’s the worst that can happen? Your idea doesn’t work or you don’t enjoy it, then you can pursue something else. At least you won’t live with regret or what ifs!

Overtime – To get your business off the ground it may require you to work overtime. But, the benefits of being your own boss, are you have the flexibility to do what you want.

Opportunities – Make the most of opportunities, for example ‘South Gloucestershire Young Entrepreneur Award’ Many great ways to enhance your business.

Part-Time Job – When trying to make your business dreams a reality, getting a part time job maybe required, just so you can live. There is no shame in this; you need to do what you need to do!

Free – Be willing to give your product/ service away for free at the beginning. This will build brand exposure. Which is crucial for a start-up.

Finance – Look after your money & be sensible. Sounds simple but through a lack of knowledge & experience businesses fail in this area.

Belief – Believing in yourself is essential; you will encounter many setback and naysayers. But when you believe in what you want, nothing can stop you!

Only Fly With Eagles – Situate yourself around positive & like-minded people. This changed my life; people you are around, have a subconscious affect on you.

Expert – Research & study your industry. Become an expert at what you do and people will buy from you.

Networking – Get out there and meet people. Build your network; it is not always about what you know or even who you know, it is more down to who knows you!

I am confident I can make a difference within your school; shoot me an email for bookings Look forward to hearing from you.

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