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Don’t Overcomplicate The Process – Have you ever been in a situation when you want to achieve something but you struggle to make any progress in that area? If the answer is yes then you are not alone. This process can become overwhelming, it doesn’t matter whether you are striving for large amount of success or just making some small changes to your life. Before I continue, I highly recommend watching the video below:

We are all guilty of this; we struggle to make progress because we overcomplicate the work that is required to achieve change. It can be extremely difficult to overcome this mental barrier but it’s more than achievable. We need to focus on smaller, more manageable tasks rather than looking at the, sometimes overwhelming, big picture and all the different dimensions of a particular goal will soon fall into place.

So, you may be asking: how does this actually look like for me? Well it is totally dependent on what you are trying to achieve. Of course the video was tailored towards the gym but the principles still apply to everyday life.

For example if you are trying to start up a business; instead of focusing on marketing, sales, accounts and services ALL AT ONCE you should just focus on one of those areas to begin with. Try to prioritize the importance of each task; once you have a goal to achieve an individual task, don’t move on until you’ve completed it.

Consistent small steps will provide you with huge results!

Another example could be schoolwork; this is a tricky one because there are so many subjects and each subject has a different teacher all pushing you to study harder. However you can still break this down into small steps, but this will only be achieved through a plan. Identify your weaknesses and also the subjects that are most important to you. In your plan dedicate your time to those specific areas, but don’t try to study 2 or 3 subjects at once, you will not be productive.

This also applies if you look at all your exams as a whole because trying to revise 12 subjects all at once can cause stress and anxiety – keep it focused!

In short: don’t overcomplicate the process; break your goals down into smaller steps and focus on one thing at a time.

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P.S – Huge thank you to Bristol Fitness Gym for allowing us to film.

Don't Overcomplicate The Process

Don’t Overcomplicate The Process

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